As a radio operator, you will find information, forms, and documents needed to do your job during the ski marathon.

The upcoming Canadian Ski Marathon is to be held on Saturday and Sunday, February 11th and 12th, 2017.
Saturday will be between Lachute and Montebello. Sunday will be between Montebello and Buckingham.
We are travelling east to west (forward).

Forty-four years of Amateur Radio support

We are working for the checkpoints this year. We are not involved with Safety this year.
Just a reminder to review equipment requirements. Some documents are from previous years. The 2017 documents will be added latter.

It is -73 days, -2 hours, -48 minutes and -20 seconds to the start
Email Harold, VE3UNK (remove "+spam" from the email address) if you have any changes or to volunteer. You may also call me at 613-722-9180.


Added 2016 driving instructions from Net Control Motel in Plantagenet. Check recent files at bottom of page.

We are fully staffed for the event.

Repeater VE2RM has a tone of 103.5
Updated Frequencies page.
Updated Radio Equipment Requirements page.

We are using normal route.
Checkpoints 1, 6d (Sunday start), 11 (Sunday finish) and Gold Camp are at new locations
Checkpoint 4 will be on the west side of the Rouge River.

- Can be filled out ahead of time. It will be in your radio paperwork package that is provided by the CSM
We get many of our documents from Admin2 Documents (external link) Repository.

Check out the Canadian Ski Marathon (external link) website.

The official CSM radio sponsor is the Ottawa Amateur Radio Club (external link).

These Amateur Radio Clubs actively provide personnel and equipment. Their support is appreciated.

These Amateur Radio Clubs actively provide personnel and their support is appreciated:

We must thank the clubs and trustees for allowing the CSM to use their repeater equipment. We acknowlege all the hard work neccessary to maintain and operate an amateur radio repeater.

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